BrainBuilder Activation

Get Your Activation Code Below

Enter the serialization code exactly like you see it, with capital letters and dash, in this box below:
Serialization Code:
Enter your license key from the front of the CD case once again in this box below:
License Key:

More Instruction

When BrainBuilder has been installed but not yet activated, the program will display the following prompt when it starts.
To begin the Activation Process click on the "Activate Now" button and click "Continue".

Image 1

You will be prompted to enter your "License Key" number.
This number can be found on the front of the CD case provided with BrainBuilder.
Enter the number exactly as it appears on the label into the box as shown below.
Don't use the one in the example below!
Include all capital letters and dashes. After you have entered the License Key number, click the "Continue" button.

Key Image 2

A new box will pop up in front of the BrainBuilder screen.This window is called the activation box.
Locate your own Serialization code in your activation screen. Do not use the one in this example!

Key Image 3